Healthy Baby

The Absolute Uniqueness of Each Patient

We have never seen two identical children – even twins!  Our approach as healers and educators is guided by an awareness of each young person’s distinctive nature.

Gentleness and Compassion

Though our training is scientific, we meet our patients via the heart. Caring is expressed through our open-hearted welcome, our responsive listening, and the gentle administration of needed procedures.

A Holistic Understanding of the Child

The body is not a self-contained system, unaffected by mental activity and emotional history, or the patient’s natural and manufactured environments and social milieu. The person we see is a multifaceted being whose entire experience throws light on our task.


Consistency of Care for Children

 Continuity and Consistency of Care

Relationships with patients and parents are nurtured over time, resulting in profound familiarity with a child’s history. Eventually, our diagnoses and recommendations may draw as much from accumulated insight as from observation of present symptoms.

Education of Parents and Children

We provide “anticipatory guidance” to parents on approaching developmental milestones. Kids of teachable age are introduced to the basics of self-care. And for the early teens, we offer cautionary instruction on sexual responsibility, pregnancy and addictive behaviors.

Adherence to American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines

The AAP, the nation’s largest and most respected professional organization in the field, continually reviews standards of practice, issuing updated guidelines that reflect the latest research and technological advances.

Child Health, Concord CA

Esteban C. M.’s Parents

“For me what I liked about the doctor is that she attends my son well. She worries about his well-being. His health is important for her as is for me. I am very thankful.”

Micah J.’s Mother

“Dr. Mostaghasi does a great job with my two boys. I was worried about having a new doctor for my children, but she has done a wonderful job.”

Luis and Jamie G.’s Mother

“I liked how she attended my sons very much. She cares for their health. She is a very good doctor.”