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Concord Pediatric Care

Serving Concord, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, and Pittsburg, our pediatrician is your trusted source for diagnosing and treating childhood disorders, sick child exam, vision and hearing screening, immunization, and more.


When you first walk into our office with your newborn or your ten-year-old, I already know so much about you, because I am a mother as well as a physician. You want your child to receive the finest professional attention, but, just as important, to be approached with tangible warmth and deep respect. Our practice puts equal emphasis on each of these crucial dimensions of care. I was drawn to specialize in pediatrics by my lifelong love of children and by the experience of watching a young sibling being successfully treated for a serious disease. Today, nothing gives me greater joy than seeing the smile on the face of a child who has been liberated from any form of suffering. I see myself as a guardian of children’s well-being and as an advocate for them on all vital issues, such as enlightened nutrition, immunization, prevention of violence. Our society is often too distracted to keep the interests of kids front and center. It’s my mission to constantly draw attention to them.

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